Wireless handsets, services and "apps" open up all kinds of new possibilities for people with disabilities to live, work and play. Finding a cell phone to suit your needs just got easier!



From cell phones to smart phones and tablets to air cards for laptops, there seem to be endless choices in wireless devices to improve our lives. CTIA-The Wireless Association® developed the tools below to help you find and choose the best wireless device for you.

  • Phones: Search for a new wireless handset with the accessibility features you need.
  • Carriers & Services: Visit a wireless carrier’s accessibility site to learn more about choosing wireless service.
  • Manufacturers: Go to a wireless manufacturer’s accessibility site and learn more about selecting a wireless phone or handset.
  • Guides & How To: Learn the tips and tricks to finding and purchasing wireless phones and services. Get the most out of your accessible wireless phone with "apps", manuals, and other tools.

Phones / Devices

CTIA-The Wireless Association® teamed up with the Mobile Manufacturers Forum (MMF) to bring you the first cell phone database that shows you phones with accessible features. This tool is called GARI- Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative.