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Wireless carriers provide the service your phone needs to make voice calls, send texts or e-mail, download "apps" and surf the Internet.

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Wireless Carrier Accessibility Services

Most wireless carriers have two kinds of service plans -- pre-paid and post-paid -- and offer different options voice, text and data services. Some wireless carriers offer service plans specifically for people with disabilities and add-on software like screen magnifiers and readers for wireless handsets. Wireless carriers may also suggest "apps" that can be added to many wireless handsets. Once you choose a service plan, you’ll also want to choose tools to help you manage and monitor your wireless service.

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Learn more about wireless carriers accessible devices and services by visiting their websites below:

  • AT&T Mobility - At AT&T, accessibility is more than a word-it's a commitment to its customers with disabilities to provide the wireless products and services they need and to anticipate and meet their communication needs. From working with vendors and the Wireless Access Task Force on accessibility solutions to providing alternate billing formats, AT&T is committed to helping this important group of AT&T customers. AT&T offers Text Accessibility Plans (“TAP”) on wireless handsets, including the iPhone, for qualifying consumers that may include unlimited Internet usage and text messages. AT&T's National Center for Customers with Disabilities (NCCD), based in Baton Rouge, LA, also offers specialized customer service representatives who can arrange for an alternate billing format such as Braille or large print, as well as questions regarding the VoiceDial Exemption Program and the Code Factory software. Contact AT&T Mobility at: 888-333-6651.
  • Bluegrass Cellular - Bluegrass Cellular is committed to having the most advanced wireless devices in the marketplace today. Having handsets that meet the needs of customers with disabilities is important to us. We have 21 company owned customer care centers located throughout our coverage area. Our Customer care associates stand ready to show you what device might meet your specific need. They can also be reached via our web chat portal: or call toll free (800) 928-2355.

  • Sprint - Sprint's mission is to provide the highest quality wireless service for its customers, including customers with disabilities. Sprint offers a variety of solutions and services for customers who are deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired, including Sprint's Relay Data Only Plan which includes unlimited email, Internet access, Instant Messaging ("IM"), and domestic text messaging. For persons who are blind or visually impaired, Sprint offers a free version of Code Factory's Mobile Accessibility application available in the Android market as "Wireless Accessibility EN" and ES for Android 2.1+ devices. With Sprint, select Android devices come pre-loaded with TalkBack by Google, allowing users to receive assistive voice prompts from activation. And, Sprint is proud to offer its customers the iPhone and VoiceOver. Sprint also offers two ID Packs of customized applications for customers with disabilities and customers who are seniors. See for more information or contact Sprint Support for Customers with Disabilities at 1-855-885-7568 (voice or TTY) or email at
  • SouthernLINC - SouthernLINC Wireless believes that all consumers should have equal access to wireless communications, and the industry is committed to providing disabled consumers with the most advanced technologies and a better understanding of how disabled consumers might find them especially useful. The great benefits of wireless phones are mobility and convenience. These are incredibly important features for everyone, and especially for people with disabilities, because they translate to freedom, empowerment and safety. The wireless industry already provides a variety of "easier to use" products and services to many individuals with disabilities, and we are committed to making our products and services available to as many people as possible. Contact SouthernLINC at: 800-818-5462.
  • T-Mobile - T-Mobile offers their customers with disabilities accessible services and device options. Contact T-Mobile at: 877-296-1018.
  • Tracfone - A prepaid wireless carrier that offers Hearing Aid-Compatible Phones. Contact Tracfone at: 800-867-7183.
  • U.S. Cellular - U.S. Cellular® understands that your phone is a lifeline to your friends and family. And if you utilize a hearing aid, you need the most compatible device possible. Contact U.S. Cellular at: 888-944-9400.
  • Verizon Wireless - Verizon Wireless is committed to providing wireless products and services that are accessible to all people, including individuals with disabilities. Verizon Wireless continues to work with its vendors and suppliers to encourage them to develop and offer solutions that will enable Verizon Wireless' products and services to be more accessible to all. Verizon Wireless offers Nationwide Messaging plans, on all categories of phones including Apple’s iPhone. The Nationwide Messaging plan includes unlimited text, pictures, and instant and video messaging for qualifying customers. Some plans include a monthly data allowance with the monthly access charge. Verizon Wireless offers Braille and large font bills as well as text only PDF links on of device user manuals. Please contact Verizon Wireless for further information at: 800-922-0204.