Resources for Seniors

The wireless industry is committed to providing senior citizens with cell phones and services.

Senior’s Guide to Wireless Phones

Wireless manufacturers and service providers know senior citizens have special needs too. Not only can cell phones help seniors who are hard of hearing or have low vision, but some wireless manufacturers and service providers now offer “senior-friendly” services and phones.

Looking for a plan and a new phone? Use these tools to get started:

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Finding Phones and Service

When looking for a new wireless device, think about how you’ll use your phone. You may not need special applications like text, email or Internet access, but what about a phone with large buttons, bigger displays, oversized numbers, basic features or Hearing Aid Compatibility? An in-store customer service representative can show you these features and set them up for you.

Consider some services available specifically for seniors. Click on the links below:

AT&T Senior Nation Plan

Great Call (Formerly Jitterbug)

Sprint Active Senior ID Pack 

Verizon Nationwide 65 Plus

Also, if you are a member, check out these sites for cell phone discounts:



Using Cell Phones

Do you have a cell phone but need help? Take your phone to your wireless carrier to help you set it for your specific needs.

OASIS also offers a 20-minute one-on-one coaching session to teach you how to make your cell phone work for you. Find an OASIS Cell Phone Class by clicking here.